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Google Places, Google Maps, Google My Business, Google + Page??

Listing your business on Google can seem confusing due to the many recent changes by Google themselves to various different platforms and roll outs.

Web Agency for Google Places for Business

Essentially, you need to ensure you are not missing out on the power of a Google Business listing. This is now done through ‘Google My Business’, which does incorporate most former elements of the Google Business offering, including Google Maps.

Getting your business location, address and phone number verified on Google is essential. ‘Geolocation’ is now becoming more important with regard to website reputation and trust, with obvious implications for all reputable businesses.

Website Consultant for Google Places

Your Google business listing needs to be set up accurately and correctly, with other elements such as opening hours included. The Google My Business platform also now allows you to send out posts which, although they expire after a number of days, is a very powerful tool. Photos of your business, your description and any new posts will appear in the Google search results next to your listing.

We can help you to create, edit and build up your business listing on Google.

Call us to find out how we can help you to harness this powerful platform as part of your marketing campaign.

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